Griffin & Howe is the oldest fine firearms manufacture in the United States. Founded by a cabinet maker in 1923 Griffin & Howe quickly became the choice of many including Dwight Eisenhower, Ernest Hemingway and Bing Crosby. Creating and patenting the G&H Sidemount scope mount, this was the original scope mount that paved the way for modern day mounts and rings, it was renowned for its ability to remove your scope while traveling and reinstall it without losing zero. In 1930 Griffin & Howe became the gold standard of custom American rifle making and became the the gun room for Abercrombie & Fitch Outfitters until it was sold and moved to Bernardsville, NJ in 1987 where it resided for 29 years before moving to it’s present day location at Hudson Farm in Andover, NJ.

G&H still builds America’s finest custom rifles the same way we have for the past century. We incorporate the classic shape and proportion of the European walnut stock with a cheek piece and a hand rubbed oil finish, the G&H quarter rib with standing bar and folding leaves, the Lyman 48 sight and all other G&H features that have been the hallmark of the company from the very beginning. We also offer an extensive line of sporting shotguns, rifles and double rifles, built to our specifications by fine European makers, as well as being the official agents and US representatives for James Purdey & Sons, Boss & Co, William & Son, Anderson Wheeler, Lebeau Courally, David McKay Brown, Verney Carron, Fabbri, Blaser, Krieghoff, B. Rizzini, Beretta, Zoli, Perazzi, to name a few of many others.

We continue to expand, creating new products and enhancing our services, to serve our growing customer base. Our G&H Highlander rifle, G&H Custom Long Range Precision Rifle, and long range Marksmanship Rifle School with dedicated instructors are testament to G&H’s commitment to providing our clients that which we know will be their future requirements in the 21st century. We look forward to serving you and future generations!